Why and how do I complete a consortium agreement?

The Consortium Agreement allows a student to register for and receive financial aid from UNM to take courses at UNM (the “home” school) and another school (the “host” school). The hours at the “host” school must count toward the student's degree program at UNM.

The Consortium Agreement form must be filled out every semester the student wishes to receive UNM aid for classes taken at the "host" (non-UNM) school. The form can be downloaded at


To complete this form:

1. The student must be enrolled at UNM in at least half-time status - 3 hours in summer semester, 6 hours in fall/spring semester.

2. The host school's financial aid office must complete Section Two of the form confirming that the student is NOT receiving financial aid at their institution.*

3. After Section Two is complete, the student must have Section Three filled out and signed by their College Academic Adviser to verify that the hours at the host school will transfer to their program at UNM.

4. Finally, the student must attach a copy of their schedule and tuition bill from the host school and return the entire packet back to the UNM Financial Aid office.

5. At the end of the semester, the student must submit official transcripts from the host school to UNM.

* Per federal regulations, a student may only receive financial aid at one school during any one semester. If a student is determined to have received aid from two schools during the course of one semester, they will be required to return the aid to at least one of the schools.


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