I am a cooperating teacher, but my student teacher does not show up in my account.

If you have opened the "Field Experience" tab and do not see your student teacher's name, there are two common reasons for this:

1) Your Field Services placement information has not yet been updated in Tk20. Tk20 is updated each semester with the most current field placement data -- this is a process that typically takes a few weeks after the semester begins. You will be contacted by your liaison when your Tk20 account is up-to-date and ready for you to complete your observations/evaluations.

2) Your placement information is not correct in the Field Services Portal. If it is a few weeks into the semester and you still cannot view your student teacher's name in your Tk20 account, this is likely due to the fact that your placement has not been finalized or is incorrect in the Field Services Portal. Please send an email to to determine if this is the case.

For all other instances, please send an email to By providing your full name and your student teacher's full name, we will be able to properly configure your account in Tk20.


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