I am trying to log into Tk20 but am receiving an error message, why can't I log in?

1) The most common reason for receiving a login error message is due to incorrectly entering one's username or password. ALL students, faculty, and cooperating teachers should go to and click on the corresponding "Students," "Faculty," or "Teachers" link to begin the login process.

For faculty and students, this will bring you to a UNM authentication page, where you will enter your UNM NetID and password (the same you use to log into MyUNM).

For cooperating teachers, this will bring you to the Tk20 login page, where you will log in with the following credentials:

Username: first initial of first name + last name + four zeros (For example, John Smith's username would be jsmith0000)

Password: password (you will then be asked to change this after initial login)

Alternate Password: 4-digit PID number from the Field Services Portal (Ex., 5443)


2) If you are a student and you are still receiving an "invalid" error message, you may be unable to log in due to your COE enrollment status. Only students currently admitted to the COE will have access to Tk20 -- all other students (University College, A&S, etc.) will not be able to log into Tk20 until they are admitted to the COE and register for COE courses.


3) If you are a cooperating teacher and you are still unable to log in after following the above procedures, please send an email to Field Services ( to confirm that you are registered with the Field Services Portal and have an official placement with a student teacher. If you are registered and have a placement, please contact and we will pull up your account to determine why you are unable to log in. Please note, however, that it takes two to three weeks after the semester begins for Field Services placement data to be imported into Tk20, which is why you may not be able to log in if it is early in the semester.


4) If you are still unable to log in after following these procedures and continue to receive an error message, please send an email to and we will reset your password and do further troubleshooting to determine why you are experiencing login issues.


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