What is your advice if my cooperating teacher does not want to work with TK20?

Tk20 is a requirement for all COE students and cooperating teachers. This system was implemented as a means to maintain our status as an accredited college -- which is critical for our COE students and alumni.

In addition, the use of an online system for student teaching observations and evaluations means that we are able to collect data on key assessments and use this data for program improvement. Under the previous system of having student teachers and cooperating teachers fill out observation forms by hand, these forms were often filed away and forgotten and students were not able to benefit from these observations because they were not easily accessible. By using Tk20, students will have all of their student teaching observations and evaluations accessible in a centralized online location -- ready to view 24/7 at the click of a button.

Not only can students easily refer to their observations for personal and professional development, they can also be incorporated into an electronic portfolio by using the Tk20 presentation portfolio module. Working with a new software system is always challenging and does require effort on all our parts; however, the long-term benefits of Tk20 will make our work efforts well worth it for the success of our students.


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