How do I find assignments that have been submitted and graded in Tk20?

For a Course assignment:
1) Click on the Courses tab at the top of the page
2) Click on the course title that you submitted the assignment for
3) Click on the Activities tab
4) On this page, the student will be able to see what assignments are now complete (the assignment has been assessed/graded by the instructor), pending (the assignment has been submitted by the student but not yet assessed/graded by the instructor), or open for editing (the student has not yet submitted the assignment)
5) Click on the title of any "Complete" assignment
6) Click on the Assessments tab
7) This will show you the final score. Clicking on the rubric link will bring up a full breakdown of the scores.

For a Field assignment:
1) Click on the Field Experience tab at the top of the page
2) Click on the title of the field experience course
3) Click on the Assessment tab
4) This will bring up the list of observations and evaluations the cooperating teacher will complete for the student. Clicking on any of these links will show the cooperating teacher's scores and comments.


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