I can't upload my Plans for Improvement assignment, what am I doing wrong?

If you are having difficulty uploading, completing, and saving your Plans for Improvement assignment, please be sure you are doing the following as you work through the Tk20 Student Guide:

1) Be sure you are using the latest version of Firefox to access your Tk20 account -- it can be downloaded for free here:

2) When you click the "Click here to attach" link under Title, it is a good idea to expand the pop-up window that appears by dragging the corner of the window so that you can see all instructions and all parts of the form

3) For the Plans for Improvement assignment, you do not need to upload a document, so ignore this section at the top of the window

4) Be sure to enter a Title for this assignment in the space provided -- the asterisk next to this field indicates that it is required and you can't save without entering something here

5) Click Save at the bottom of the window AND click Save again when it brings you back to the page with the Plans for Improvement assignments


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