I was charged and reimbursed for the Tk20 fee in Fall 2012, but now I'm being charged again for Spring 2013!

Fall 2012 was the first semester when all current COE students were charged the one-time $125 Tk20 curriculum fee and gained access to the Tk20 system. After the start of the semester, a small group of COE students were assessed the curriculum fee after the official Financial Aid disbursement date -- an administrative/technical error that caused these students to have to pay the fee after already paying for all other university costs covered by financial aid.

As a result, the COE administration made the decision to remove and refund the Tk20 fee for ALL students who were charged for the Fall semester. As a result, the assessment of the Tk20 fee was not permanently removed -- it was simply delayed until the Spring 2013 semester. This is why the majority of COE students would have been charged and refunded the Tk20 fee in Fall 2012 and then been re-charged the fee for the Spring 2013 semester.

Please see the following letter from Associate Dean David Scott for further clarification on this matter:


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