Adjusting windows to view iTunes U tutorials while working in Tk20

1) Click on the link to access the video collection on iTunes U.

2) Click on the link next to the video title that says, "View in iTunes"


3) This will open iTunes and provide you with the list of videos available to view (Note: if you do not have iTunes currently installed, clicking on the "View in iTunes" link will direct you to a page where you can download iTunes for free)


4) Place your mouse cursor at the edge of the iTunes window (your cursor will change from an arrow into a double-arrow) then click and drag the window until it becomes smaller.


5) Follow the same process outlined in Step 4 to shrink the size of your Internet browser window. You will now be able to clearly see the contents of both iTunes and your Internet browser.


6) From your Internet browser, open the Tk20 website (go to, click on the "Students" or "Faculty" link and log in with your UNM Net ID and password).


7) From iTunes, click the Play button to the left of the video title. You will then be able to view the video in iTunes while you create your portfolio in Tk20. Click Pause and Play as often as needed in iTunes so you have the adequate time you need to follow along with the steps in the tutorial.



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