Can I request a specific teacher or school for my student teaching placement?

All requests for specific Student Teacher placements are forwarded to the program faculty for consideration and are decided on a case-by-case basis.


Please note that it is against policy to be placed in a school if:

- The Student Teacher has an immediate family member working at the school
- The Student Teacher has an immediate family member attending the school
- The Student Teacher attended the school as a student

Field experience is a developmental experience designed to prepare UNM students for a career in teaching and provide exposure to the desired district school system, much like an extended interview.  The above situations have been found to undermine the learning experience and the ultimate transition into a viable teaching position.


Students are not permitted to contact schools or teachers on their own in any attempt to arrange a placement.  All student teaching placements are coordinated by program faculty and the Field Services Center.  For more information:


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