Do you have any suggestions for improving my Strand A submission?

The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) has made available a powerful set of resources for NM teachers and administrators at  We encourage you to utilize this website when you have questions about teaching-related issues in order to most quickly find your answers and accomplish your goals!

The section of the TeachNM website on the Professional Development Dossier (PDD) for teachers is accessed by clicking “Experienced Teachers” at the top and then “Professional Development Dossier” -

The section of the TeachNM website on the 3-Tiered Licensure System may also be helpful.  It is accessed by clicking "Experienced Teachers" at the top and then "3-Tiered Licensure System" -


First, we suggest you carefully review the Requirements and Guidelines for the Preparation of the NM PDD for Teachers, which can be viewed at You will find information specifically about Strand A on pages 9-19 of the document.

Further specific considerations for Strand A:

  1. Do not choose too many standards to address.
  2. Make sure to address the standards chosen.
  3. If there are no standards for your area, use appropriate learning goals for your content area that include relevant concepts, knowledge, and/or skills (if you are in Special Education, consider using the IEP goals).
  4. Make sure you meet the diverse needs of your students, i.e. using Differentiated Instruction.
  5. If you are moving to Level III, remember to go deep into your reflection and feel free to use research to back up your reflections.
  6. For the analysis of student achievement, make sure the differences between high, medium and low are clear.
  7. Be clear on the criteria for your assessments and that the assessments show measured progress towards meeting the standard.
  8. Base the assessment and discussion of the high-, medium- and low-achieving work examples on progress specifically demonstrated in the work towards meeting the standards/benchmarks or other learning goals of the instruction.  Do not discuss this assessment in terms of the “typical” performance of high-, medium-, or low-achieving students who may have produced the work.
  9. Be clear on how you communicate progress to students and parents/guardians.


Other resources:

  1. View a sample dossier at

  2. Access a Strand A template (Word document) at

  3. Listen to podcasts specific to your competency at


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