What if my content area is not in the list of choices in the dossier application?

The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) has made available a powerful set of resources for NM teachers and administrators at  We encourage you to utilize this website when you have questions about teaching-related issues in order to most quickly find your answers and accomplish your goals!

The section of the TeachNM website on the Professional Development Dossier (PDD) for teachers is accessed by clicking “Experienced Teachers” at the top and then “Professional Development Dossier” -

The section of the TeachNM website on the 3-Tiered Licensure System may also be helpful.  It is accessed by clicking "Experienced Teachers" at the top and then "3-Tiered Licensure System" -


We have seen some confusion about what "content area" means.  The content area refers the following: What content does your instructional record reflect in the dossier?  For example, an Elementary teacher is licensed to teach in a variety of areas, but the content of the dossier they submit could be Math, Social Science, Art, or something else.


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